Al GharafaAutomaticBakeries was established in 1978, It was known among the people by the name bin mohayn  bakery ratio to its founder  the grandson of Mohammed bin RashidAl Mohayn(RIP).

The bakery started with tabun oven. ( Manual Art)


Then it developed and turned to semi-automatic oven.

The beginning of the production

Production began in 1978, up to (15) bag of flour a day when the oven was tabun oven. and after it became a semi-automatic oven. The quantity was up to (35) bag of flour per day.

The Joining of Mr. Ibrahim Hashem as a partner in Al Gharafa Automatic Bakeries

In 1997 Mr. Ibrahim Hashim joinedas a contributor-partnerof 50% Al Gharafa  Automatic  Bakeries. Hetook over themanagement and in a short time he was able to turn the semi-automatic bakery to automatic bakeries. And moved the bakery to the building next to the old building that has been removed.

Expansion and development of Al Gharafa Automatic Bakeries.

After moving to the new building,( which was designed to keep pace with the bakeries qualitative leap. By opening a showroom that consists displaying and manufacturing. New varieties of cereal, pastry and sweets wasintroduced both eastern and western types, and other more high quality varieties with a distinctive tastes that meets customers’ needs with appropriate and competitive prices.As time passes onAl Gharafa Automatic Bakeries was able to attract customers from different areas in Doha. As well as contracts and supplies for some institutions.

Current production

Al Gharafa Automatic Bakeries produces at a rate of (40,000) A grain of Flatbread per day and (7,500) grain bread every day except other varieties of sweets, estimated up to a ton and a ton and a half in Eid seasons.


Area: in the range of 552 meters.

Number of workers: more than (55) person.

 Machines and equipments: the bakery has automatic ovens and and other chipping and fermentation equipment.

Electronic devices: the bakery is equipped with computers and printers in order to facilitate accounting procedures
 Warehouse: there are customized storage places